Amber Stefani

Amber will be bringing her beautiful and original table lamps to Yoga connects.   Amber’s wealth of creativity is initially self-taught and is now complimented by her recent BA degree in textiles from Norwich University of the Arts.

Amber’s upbringing was colourful, fluid, loved, spontaneous, travelled and equal. Amber generals goal in life is to make people happy, if only in that moment makes a big difference, which she is achieving with her creativity. To appreciate Amber’s work, you really need to see her designs in the flesh.

The images she creates are tantalizingly magical and full of energy. Most of her inspiration comes from the natural world with in all things living regarding symmetry in animal prints and geometrical patterns formed in flowers and also influenced by the work of stained glass windows.

During her degree, Amber began to use the techniques of screen-printing on many materials. Amber experimented with digital design printing which transformed Her ability to work in 3d forms.

This provided her with the framework to construct beautiful and original table lamps.  The process begins with constructing moulds, and using her experience in drilling wood, she creates detailed designs.  The initial process of Amber’s practice is spontaneous and impulsive with images worked directly onto a canvas or backdrop.  Add a laser cutter and resins that harden into a transparent solid, and she will have all the ingredients needed to provide her with the flexibility and the skill base to create lighting installations and Large scale botanical paintings on canvas.