Lucy McCarthy

Lucy’s heart has long yearned for freedom and wholeness. The best way she has found to feel these is yoga. Super passionate about all things yoga. Lucy’s longing has led her across the globe and back many times studying with magic masters of yoga. Her classes are soulful, uplifting & encourage deep transformation in mind, body & spirit. Find out more about Lucy at

Shaktify Yo’self

Breaking free from the linear and embracing Shakti-infused non-linear patterns of movement in our yoga. Bringing some fluid juice and free flowing feisty fun into our practice. Much of the physical asana practice that has come to the West has been dominated by linear forms of movement. We will be exploring non-​linear movement patterns that can bring diversity into your flow and more full spectrum healing to the body.

The body loves to move​ and express itself freely​​. Muscles and fascia in the body are nourished and healed best with a variety and range of movement patterns. In this class we will explore 5 kinds of movement patterns that will spice up your practice, invite in more balance between linear and non​-​linear forms of movement in class. We will play with cyclical, undulating wave like, linear and circular patterns of movement all to a badass soundtrack. Shake it up. Let loose. Get free!