Shammi Pithia

Having charted no.1 in the iTunes World Music chart with his album COSMIC, Shammi Pithia is building a solid name for himself as a creative composer and producer who has been performing around the world for the past 5 years.

Shammi along with Sonna Rele and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performed his work at last years the UK Welcomes Modi event held at Wembley Stadium to a 60,000 strong audience and broadcast to 100 million viewers.

Shammi is a keen collaborator and has previously been commissioned by the Spanish National Dance Company and has also recently collaborated with dancer Vidya Patel to create a piece that he and Vidya then went onto perform at the live final of BBC Young Dancer Of The Year 2015 (BBC2) which reached an audience of over a million in the UK alone.

A major endorsement of Shammis ability came in February 2014 when living legend of Classical Indian music Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia flew from India especially to see his concert in Rotterdam.

He most recently collaborated with the Sujata Banerjee Dance Company to create a Kathak piece based on the theme of global warming and recycling. After an intensive week of writing and rehearsing they went on to perform in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in honor of Pt Birju Maharaj.

Shammi is currently working on more collaborations, scoring for a documentary film, and finishing the debut album of his band FLUX.