Tony Riddle

Tony Riddle devised his Worrier to Warrior philosophy as a way to recharge, reboot and re-educate on the importance of re-aligning ourselves with Nature for emotional, spiritual and physical health. As a Natural Lifestyle Coach (or Life Stylist), Tony’s work and his retreats are based around the premise that if we can recognise where nature is missing from our lives we can reconnect with it and fall back in love with it, and in doing so can shake the angst-inducing monkey off our collective back.

Tony Riddle has spent the last 18 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principals of a natural lifestyle. Driven by fatherhood, Tony believes that his role is to embody the sustainable, natural and vibrant way of life he wishes for his children and their children to come.
Central to his continuing exploration is the question: What makes the human animal successful in the modern world?

Tony has become his own guinea pig in search of systems that enable us to grow physically, socially and spiritually, and to adapt healthily in this fast paced and sometimes compromising modern environment. He has followed at times extreme paths to refine his natural lifestyle philosophy, going where many would choose not to in order to make lesser known information more available and digestible for others.

‘Through this philosophy of Natural Lifestyle Coaching; people of all ages and abilities can rediscover their true capabilities: resulting in strong, healthy, positive, mindful and connected people, who can communicate that same message to their communities and future generations.’

The reboot phase is about letting go of things you don’t need and connecting to what you really do require, at a deep level. Often people need to rest and enrich the physical self with nature’s nutrition and the healing powers of sunshine and fire. The ‘Reboot’ is about finding your beginner’s mind and heart again, ready for new ways of thinking, feeling and being. At its heart, Tony’s work is about reconnection. Reconnecting to self, others, the natural world and beyond. Tony helps participants to truly listen to and understand their own bodies and minds, drawing on years of studying and exploring the human animal.

Much of the day is spent outside drinking in the elements; walking, crawling, listening, climbing, smelling, balancing: engaging all senses with the environment and relearning how to connect with it. There is no specific spiritual ideology taught in the retreats, only tuning into the intelligence of mother nature, and the possibility is explored that there is something greater than self.

By addressing the physical, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of the self the intention is to understand where we are individually blocked, and move beyond old conditioned ways of being. In doing so lies the freedom to make informed choices and to engage fully in life without fear.

Guided by nature’s wisdom Tony hopes to support all participants through this healing process and beyond.

We exist in a modern technological age; we can’t turn back the clock or expect to be able to live as we did as hunter gatherers. But we can relearn these deep connections to nature, ourselves, and each other and in doing so find profound states of wellbeing.