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Maryam is a London based Odissi Indian classical dancer who holds love and devotion to art as her path to spiritual growth and self realisation. She has been travelling to India annually since 2009 to study the technique and cultural context behind these art forms intensively, developing her skill as a mover of grace, sincerity and sweetness.
Michelle Adama
Michelle Adama AKA The Goddess Effect is dedicated to re connecting humanity to their natural nature michelle adams is an experienced holistic nutritionist, herbalist and naturopathic lifestyle coach with a grass roots approach to healing and self development. Michelle believes that with a healthy state of mind and heart the body is capable of miracles of self healing and growth far beyond what the mind
Nyhal Adams
Nyhal is an experienced dancer with many years experience as a performer and a teacher. Dancing has always been a big was of expression for Nyhal. A deep passion that has always been appreciated from many students when it comes to teaching, and the audience when it comes to performing.
Portia’s love for yoga started after having her two children. In developing her own practice and using it to spend quality time with her children, she quickly saw the benefits it was brining to their lives. This is what led Portia to train as a children’s yoga teacher and she now runs classes locally and workshops across the Midlands for children aged 2 plus.
Sunshine Negyesi
Early years Educator, Artist, mother, singer-songwriter, life improvisologist, Afronaut and freedom activist from London.