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We kicked off in 2015 with a boom! After successfully launching our first ever Yoga Connects festival we were voted one of the best 20 yoga festivals in the world by Cody App. You ask what we are about? We’re about Celebration, Transformation and Connection. We aim to cause happiness on the Planet.

We team up with renowned local and globlal teachers to bring their fun and eclectic styles to the mix with an awesome music line up to match. Yoga isn’t the only thing to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline going, we’ve got Shamanic ceremonies, Capoeira, dancing, drumming and raving.

For the more adventurous yogi who likes a challenge, we offer Ariel Yoga, Circus Silks and Acro Yoga.

Fancy something a little more relaxing? We hear you – that’s why we’re providing Yin Yoga, meditation, gong baths, hot tubs and spa & massage facilities, so you can put your feet up and wind down.

We know no weekend is complete without a little retail therapy so we’ve invited some fashion and jewellery designers to come and set up shop and inspire at the festival.

Yoga Connects is all about giving back to Mother Earth so we worked hard to make it a NO PLASTIC ZONE, rounding up some outstanding inspirational speakers to talk about forward-thinking sustainable solutions. To see you through all these fun activities you’re going to need some serious fuel, that’s why we’re providing delicious food wtih the best Veggie and Vegan stalls around to tantalise your taste buds and keep you going all weekend!

So if you want to indulge your wild spirit and experience a different holistic approach to a festival weekender, the Connection Tribe will be ready and waiting to inspire and celebrate with you.

Come get lost. Come get connected.

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Family Event

Children under 12 years old are welcome free of charge. We have interactive games, workshops, kids yoga and facepainting awaiting for the little ones to keep them busy.

Using interactive games and animated postures, children will learn about animals and nature through yoga, movement, games, arts and crafts: Wild Spirits we will keep them entertained.

Shamanism & Sustainability at the heart of the Yoga Connects Festival

Yoga Connects is designed to be a completely new kind of festival. Woven within it’s fabric are tribal values which enhance the experience. We look to ancient cultures across the planet and refer back to our universal Shamanic roots. We all came from Shamanic tribes. Small communities looked to Nature as teacher and the Divine. The earth was Mother, the sky was Father and all creatures were sentient. Life was breathing with us and we lived as part of a web of connection to all beings, seen and unseen. Opening with a Shamanic Ceremony, we drink cacao together to open our hearts, then speak prayers to the land that the festival is held on.

The land as mother is sacred and we honour her. Yoga Connects Festival honours the planet, the animals and the people. In the ceremony we dance a trance dance to bring everyone together, to celebrate life, to honour our beautiful planet. And we are Veggie and Vegan to be sustainable and honour the animals. We will include Indigenous speakers and Shamanic methods of uniting communities. Our ethos is: We are One. The threads that bind us are woven throughout the festival: meditative sound scapes to digereedoo, crystal singing bowls and gong baths. The beat of the drum. Dance. Prayer. Speakers who work in ritual will bring their knowledge of Tantra and plant medicine. We bring sustainability as a value into our festival. We will leave the land as we arrived; pristine! Yoga Connects Festival is declared a Plastic Free Zone because plastic does not degrade and go back to the land.

We believe sustainability is crucial to the future of our planet and so as a legacy have set Yoga Connects Festival up to set high standards in the way festivals operate. A good example. A role model. The entire festival is a ritual from beginning to end and we send out high vibrations to our sisters and brothers across the world.


“Everyone was more than happy mingling with people they’d never met, chilling out with them in the sunshine on the grass, sharing food and/or a smoothie from one of the stands, or some yoga tips to help improve certain postures. Yoga does indeed connect, and that’s exactly what this festival was doing”. The festival was true success in my opinion. It brought together people from all over the world and allowed them to connect through a shared love of yoga, and the number of people there was Goldilocks for me – just the right amount. Whilst I have no doubt this event will grow to be even bigger and better in the years to come, I’m glad I went to this first one as, whilst it was grand, it still felt intimate.

Dare to move Blog

“Yoga Connects Festival is perfectly named for the atmosphere it managed to create. Everywhere you looked, people were exploring what yoga and connection meant to them. Rarely have I had the pleasure of being in the presence of so many soulful, loving, compassionate, generous and open hearted people. The festival was a pure magic, fuelled by love and passion for yoga and connection that it facilitates”

True Yoga Collective Blog

“Yoga connects is not just a festival it’s a community where the vibration of love is strong. The festival was perfect, the vibe around the festival was super chilled but the schedule was packed out, so lots of incredible classes to choose from. There is something for everyone, from Voga to yoga on paddleboards to vinyasa flow classes. You have created something really special and I’m so excited about next year!!!”

Vanessa Sadaghna

SurfSUPyoga were honoured to be a part of the 2015 Yoga Connects Festival. We had an absolute blast running SUP & SUPyoga sessions at such a stunning venue, with the most perfect lake and conditions for beginners & taster sessions. The vibe was amazing, we were blessed with beautiful weather and everyone was really keen to get OmBoard to practise their asana in a class or people were able to just hire boards and paddle in total safety while chillaxing in the most serene surroundings. The organisation and smooth running of the entire festival was second to none.

Nichola Cummiskey / Founder of surfsupfityoga.com

“Yoga connects literally does exactly what it says on the Tin ! It is a brilliantly scheduled yoga festival in the UK that connects a whole group of likeminded people together under one big family roof. The vibe here was off the hook this year with people buzzing around doing yoga, making friends and a whole lot more. There is nothing not to love about this festival it literally has something for everyone and it not to be missed !”

Charlotte Wellfare