Akasha Jenita Wacha

Akasha will be opening this years Yoga Connects Festival with a Shamanic Opening Ceremony; blessing the land, people and animals. this will be followed by a Shamanic Trance Dance and then Shamanic Disco. Akasha will also give talks on the Shamanic Path during the two days of the festival.

Akasha is a Shamanic Healer/Spiritual Teacher and Activist based in the UK and South America. She is the leader of a large Shamanic community called ‘Familia Eskawata Kaya Wai’ and also leads the hugely popular Tribal movement in London ‘One Love Tribal Gathering’.

Akasha has trained with Indigenous Shamans within the lineage of Native American, European and Peruvian traditions, with her main focus on Amazonian Shamanism, and has trained extensively to Maestra level in the Peruvian Amazon with Indigenous Shamans. Akasha for the past 4 years works in alliance with Spiritual Leaders/Shamans from the remote Kaxinawa Tribe of Brazil, fundraising, raising awareness and putting projects in place seeking to preserve and protect their ancient knowledge and way of life.

Her driving force is LOVE and assisting in fulfilling the Rainbow Warriors Prophecy is central to her work. Akasha is looking forward to opening the Yoga Connect festival 2017 with her Columbian Shaman brother Rafa Semila and the the one Love Tribe musicians.