Chant Malas

Chant Malas began two years ago, around the birth of founder Helen Kathleen’s first child.  Driven by a passion for people and yoga, Helen creates malas that cater to all budgets, hold clear meanings, are beautifully crafted and, most importantly, are ‘useable’.  The name ‘Chant’ reflects her intention to encourage people to use their malas as a tool for self-improvement through the practice of japa mantra, something that Helen herself practises on a daily basis.

Chant Malas are inspired by a love of literature (Helen is an English teacher by day) and the practice of all eight limbs of Yoga.  Working with crystals and woods that are carefully sourced and selected to match the intention and story behind each piece, Chant malas are often asymmetric and include mixed textures, including raw crystals, Rudraksha seeds and handmade pendants.  They can be found in a number of studios around the UK where you’ll find malas, yoga-inspired jewellery, healing crystals and everything you need to help your soul sparkle that little bit brighter.