Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions


1. Where is the festival?

The festival will take place at:

Garslade Farm, Godney Nr Wells, Somerset, BA5 1RX.  Visit the Location page for more details including the map.

2. How do I get there?

To Glastonbury Town by Public Transport: (note the site for Yoga Connects Festival is not the same as for Glastonbury Festival)

Coming From London:

Take a train from London Marylebone to Castle Cary (fastest time is 1 hour 45 mins) then a taxi to Glastonbury aprox 20 mins.  Check out

We will be providing shuttle buses from Glastonbury to Garslade Farm. ( 15 min journey) No need to bring a car! Let’s save the planet and keep your carbon footprint low.

Post code for Glastonbury Town Centre Map

Map of car parks in Glastonbury Town Centre

Google Map Directions London to Glastonbury

Our nearest airport is Bristol and the best London airports for connections to Glastonbury are Heathrow & Gatwick. There is a connecting bus from Bristol Airport into BristolCentre & Temple Meads Railway station (Bristol International Flyer service).

3. Could you help with car / travel sharing?

Please join our Facebook event and community pages to connect with fellow festival goers.


1. Can I come with a Camper Van?

YES – campervans are very welcome, you will need to purchase a camping ticket per person per night. Camping tickets are £15 per person per night. Buy camping tickets here

2. Can I bring my children?

YES- We are a family-friendly event.  All children under 12 are allowed to come for free, and teens 13-18 have a special reduced ticket price.  There will be classes and activities especially for children and young people throughout the entire festival.

3. Is there a quiet area for families?

NO- There’s no specific family area, but there are quiet areas all over the site.

4. Am I allowed to make a fire?

NO. We will have our own fire pit that everyone can snuggle around in the evenings.

5. Do I need to bring a tent?

If you are planning to camp then YES.  Alternatively you can take up one of our non-camping and ‘Glamping’ options on our Accommodations page. You will need to pay  a £15 per night, per person camping fee which the farm charges for people to stay on its land. Camping tickets are £15 per person per night. Buy camping tickets here

6. What facilities are available?

Please take note all vendors prefer CASH. There is limited reception for card machines so for all food there will be CASH PAYMENTS. The ATM machines are in Glastonbury 15 mins away. Some vendors for clothing may have an operational system for purchasing items but for food there are none so kindly take note and bring CASH.

We have great toilets and showers available in the main festival site. Drinking water taps will be dotted around the main festival site.  There will also be a hot tub. There will be various places selling vegan and vegetarian food and a bar.   There are no cash machines or public telephones on site, but these are easily accessible 15 mins away in Glastonbury.  As we are in the country, mobile phone signal may be affected.   We may have a charging area for mobile phones which will incur a small charge.

7. What accomodation is available?

We have a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets.  We have Unidomes or you may simply want to pitch your own tent or campervan on our campsite.  You could also check out the local B&B’s and hotels in the area if you would like to stay off-site.

Please visit our Accommodations page for more info.

8. Do you need any teachers/volunteers/vendors?

We are continuing to build up relationships with teachers, vendors and volunteers.  If you would like to get involved in Yoga Connects, please email your enquiry to  Please allow us 5-7 business days to respond.  Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with offers and opportunities.


1. Do you have lockers?

Sorry, we do not have any lockers and cannot be held responsible for your belongings.

2. How can I charge my devices?

We may have a charging area for mobile phones which will incur a small charge.

3. Will I be able to use the internet?

As we are in the country, mobile phone signal may be affected.

4. Is there a medical team?

There will be a medical team on site available 24 hours a day.  


Do I need to have experience in yoga?

You don’t need any experience of yoga. We offer a huge variety of classes to suit everyone’s needs from first timers to handstand addicts!  We will be offering beginners workshops as well as talks on yoga philosophy.  Our experienced teachers will always check for any beginners at the start of the class and take care of you.

what's included in my ticket?

All tickets enable the ticket holder to access as many classes as they would like for the days their ticket covers.  We have endeavoured to make sure our tents are large enough for popular classes with more well-known teachers, so capacity should not be an issue.  Music, events and talks are also included. Camping is not included unless you have purchased an Early Bird Gold or Silver ticket. Camping is £15 per person, per night.

What is not included in the ticket?

Ariel Yoga, Supper Club and any treatments in our Holistic area are not included in the standard ticket prices. Spa treatments and Hot Tubs  can be purchased onsite at the Information tent.  

what does the 'Plastic-Free' zone mean?

As part of our commitment to support the animals and the environment, we have asked all vendors to cater with wooden and biodegradable cutlery. We are asking our festival guests to really think about what they are bringing to the festival and avoid bringing plastic packaging, products or carrier bags etc. that would otherwise end up in landfill.  If you plan to make bring your own food please think about what cutlery, plates and cups you will be bringing.  Bring reusable stuff or look into wooden or biodegradable so that it can all return to the land.  Together we will create an real example of how we can live in a world without plastic and it’s harmful effects.

What should I bring with me?

Aside from your yoga gear and your mat, you may want to bring some sunblock, your swimsuit (for chilling out in the hot tub), earplugs, a reusable water container, a hat, sunglasses, costumes, face-paint, wet wipes (bio-degradable ones!) and positive vibes/smiles a-plenty!

Is this a family event?

YES-  Children and young people are welcome at Yoga Connects.  Children under 12 can come for free so bring the whole family to chill out and camp this summer.   We have special tickets for teens aged 13-18.  There will be classes and activities especially for our younger clientele!

When does the festival start and end?

Festival registration will be open from 4pm on Friday 29 June 2018, and 8am on the following days.  The registration desk will close at 6pm each evening.  Please arrive within these times to collect your ticket and access the site.  All participants will need to vacate the site by midnight on Sunday 01 July, unless you have a camping ticket for 01 July, in which case you will need to have departed by 11am Monday 02 July.

Do you recycle?

All our food waste and cutlery will by put in marked bins.  The festival is also a 100% PLASTIC FREE ZONE- we are asking you and all our teachers and vendors, to avoid plastic at all costs- no plastic packaging, no carrier bags, no plastic cutlery etc. This is a part of our commitment to creating a space that allows people to experience how we can avoid the use of plastic, supporting the animals and the environment.  Please support this by bringing your own reusable water container, and avoiding bringing unnecessary plastic packaging and carrier bags.  Thank you in advance.

Do you give refunds?


The deadline for refunds on Early Bird Tickets (due to our date and venue change) expired in May 2017. If you have previously purchased tickets but can no longer attend, you have 2 options:

  • Transfer your ticket to next year’s 2018 Yoga Connects Festival.
  • Sell your tickets directly, yourself; on our FaceBook page  – Please let us know the name of the person/people who buy/s your ticket/s so that we have the correct name/s on our entry system

No refunds will be issued other than for a festival cancellation or significant alterations of the festival.  Tickets are transferable however if you sell your ticket you will need to use the name the ticket was originally purchased under as we are unable to manage any name changes to tickets.  Please make sure you have an email or printed confirmation of the purchase.