Javier “Peke” Rodriguez

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As a child, Javier’s music talent was early discovered by Rafael Orozco, one of the most recognized pianists of the XX century, who offered himself to give him private lessons to develop his clear raw talent.

After finishing his degree in Piano and Classical Music at the age of 18th, he started  to perform as a piano soloist in various international orchestras including Seville Symphonic Orchestra and Kent Symphony Orchestra at Canterbury. Founding member of a number of groups (“Ibn Megas Quintet”, “Guillion Sextet”) he has been immersed in an intense musical activity, including the composition and record of various albums (Las tres orillas de Al-Andalus), film soundtracks (“So far”, “Las Tres orillas”) and theatre musicals (“La Asamblea de las mujeres” or “Salem´s witches”). In the meantime, before launching his international career, he was teaching at various Professional Conservatoires in Spain including the “Francisco Guerrero” Conservatoire in Seville and the Malaga Professional Conservatoire of Music and Dance. In December 2014 was appointed Music Director of The World Ballet.

Javier has lived in many cities around the world, speaks six languages and has a Master Degree in Piano and Composition. After long periods living in Berlin and Moscow where he has been studying different contemporary piano techniques, he is now based in London and perform worldwide.