Millionaire Yogi Luxury 2 Day Retreat: 2018 £690

Venue:  Chalice Well,  Glastonbury

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July 11 2018 4:00 pm
July 13 2018 4:00 pm

A retreat set in the sacred site of Chalice Well, Glastonbury where pilgrims have been coming for 1000’s of years for healing. Until you visit Chalice Well gardens you cannot imagine how peaceful it is and the quality of deep connection you are able to access to your visions. We hold this retreat for those who are seeking a shift in their life and mindset. Daily Shamanic Meditations, cleansing and purification of body and soul, Deep guided talks to gain insight into the levels of Entrepreneurial business to help you succeed and become abundant. Connection to fellow Entrepreneurs. We interact and create a new level of vision for everyone. Come away feeling like you are clear for the path ahead.

If you are looking to create a dream business in Wellbeing, Yoga, Sustainable Fashion or alternative products this one’s for you! Our group of Spiritual Entrepreneurs spend mornings meditating at Chalice Well, then using focussed strategy sessions held in the meeting room onsite. You never leave the gardens except to come inside. We believe you will gain the most insight by holding space in these high vibrational grounds so will serve your lunch here and have plenty of time to super charge and expand your business.

The luxury BB is at the base of Glastonbury Tor. The two sites are considered male and female so we’ll be balancing our energies by working in both spaces. The Tor is the male and we’ll take energetic walks to see the view and hold meditations. Chalice Well has 2 springs running though it, The Red and The White Spring both considered sacred Feminine sites. Our Stunning BB has beautiful rooms. All meals are included in the price – breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dinner on one night we’ll spend it in Glastonbury. Expect to have a deeply relaxing time and to fire up your passion!

 £690 – a deposit of £200 holds your space until May 30. All final fees are due 6 weeks before the retreat.

The Ethos of the Yogi meets the Mindset of the Entrepreneur. Coaching for the Wellbeing Sector.
If you are a budding entrepreneur, have an idea,  project, event, business or are hatching a plan, Sally Griffyn has a year long live coaching programme held online for anyone who needs help manifesting their dreams. If you’d like to book a free 15 minute coaching session please fill in this form.

Year Immersion £5000 

Full Immersion Year Deposit £700

Fees £102

Coaching £97

Monthly £497

Fees £9

Millionaire Yogi Coaching

Customer Reviews

” Felt very fertile and nurturing being within the energy field likeminded lovely people. We all are aiming in simillar directions in terms of values and ethics but will realise them with our our own unique fingerprints. Thank you for hosting us in the way that you did beginning with eating together as ritual in itself.  Loved exploring our wholesome ideas unapologetically within the shamanic framework. For me the use of the shamanic visioning exercise was really helpful to conclude, clarify and pin down certain  thoughts, feelings and ideas and allow them to present themselves as relevant. thank you Sally”

Rachel – Marketing 


“Sally’s gentle yet direct understanding of the holistic connection between the mind’s conditioning, body, soul/“the unseen” and practical (business, finance, life goals, etc.) does really help in making apparent & bringing to surface, the non-useful patterns (which we’ve created for and against ourselves) which affects one’s ability to clearly approach and manifest in abundance the best intentions for one’s life and business.”

Simmi Crowns – Musician, Poet