Sally Griffyn

Sally Griffyn is the founder of Yoga Connects Festival. A long term lover of yoga she started a serious practice in her 20’s, finding Ashtanga Mysore and then going to India to train with Sri Pahhabi Jois. This pivotal meeting with the creator of Ashtanga led her to co-write and photograph a book, Ashtanga Yoga For Women in 2001 with Guruji’s blessing. “I knew that yoga made me happy and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else so adopted it as a lifetime practice. This long term view on my yoga practice led me to do all sorts of other careers while keeping my practice sacred to my heart.  I worked as a professional photographer and a property developer.

An entrepreneur at heart, I finally saw the festival in a vision on a Meghan Currie teacher training in the jungle of Nicaragua. I knew Yoga Connects Festival would be my legacy, to give my passion to as many people as possible. Now it’s in it’s 3rd year I feel the potency of following my vision. On a parallel path I also met a Wiccan couple at the same time as following a yoga path and adopted it as seriously as yoga. Wicca is a spiritual Shamanic path linked to ancient Celtic teachings. It speaks of Nature as Divine. I trained and became a High Priestess and learned many techniques such as energy transfer, potent meditations, vision paths and the celebration of the seasons. My yoga and Wiccan leanings are clear in my yoga style. Devotional, with intention setting, I use crystal singing bowls and wind instruments to set the stage for deep meditations alongside a sweaty dynamic form of Yoga Flow. My work on the planet is to CONNECT.

I have now started a series of interviews The Connection Zone: Conversations with CONSCIOUS LEADERS who represent the best of human endeavour and teach new ways of being. I wish everyone to have the best time at Yoga Connects Festival and embrace it’s principles of sustainability: we are 100% PLASTIC FREE:  Love of animals WE SERVE VEGAN & VEGETARIAN FOOD,  COMMITTED TO CAUSING TRANSFORMATION IN PEOPLE’S LIVES, we offer alternative talks and kids activities to educate; and finally to help people make better choices in their lives and to be HAPPY. Namaste”