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DoTerra Oils
doTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionising the way families manage their health. Essential oils are a plant’s natural immune system: it’s what they produce to protect themselves in the wild, in the absence of sharp teeth or a hunter’s instinct! We, like plants are carbon-based, so if a plant has properties that protects it against environmental/seasonal threats, and/or contains naturally occurring antioxidants, then these are transferred to our body’s immune system so it can be strengthened to support us in the same way.
Emma Nissim is a conscientious fashion and textiles artist, designing ethical active wear for comfort and ease. Central to her design ethos is the sustainability, versatility and the high quality of each garment. Designed and lovingly hand printed in London by Emma, using eco-friendly binders and pigments, and carefully selecting only the softest fabrics with breathable and antibacterial properties.
Feather and Bell
Feather and Bell is a Boutique Lifestyle store specialising in textiles, handbags, jewellery and home accessories. Sourced from throughout India, Sri Lanka and Morocco each piece is lovingly hand picked and curated by our founders. The
It Was All A Dream
Dreamcatcher workshops
Make your own willow dreamcatcher from 100% natural materials. Steps and techniques demonstrated. Allow 1.5-2.5 hours, depending on how elaborate you want yours to be. Includes a canvas bag should you decide you want to get started and take it with you to pick up on your own time throughout the festival.