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Akasha Jenita Wacha
Akasha is a Shamanic Healer/Spiritual Teacher and Activist based in the UK and South America. She is the leader of a large Shamanic community called 'Familia Eskawata Kaya Wai' and also leads the hugely popular Tribal movement in London ‘One Love Tribal Gathering’.
Hari Kalymnios
Hari is the author of the ground-breaking and thought-jarring book - 'The Thought Gym' which has received praise for it's non-nonsense and down to earth approach. It's aimed at anyone who wishes to make improvements but has so far been limited by their own thinking. In 'The Thought Gym', Hari details in a very practical and companion-led style, a system for starting to change your habitual patterns of thinking
Michelle Adama
Michelle Adama AKA The Goddess Effect is dedicated to re connecting humanity to their natural nature michelle adams is an experienced holistic nutritionist, herbalist and naturopathic lifestyle coach with a grass roots approach to healing and self development. Michelle believes that with a healthy state of mind and heart the body is capable of miracles of self healing and growth far beyond what the mind
Natalie Roper
Natalie is a qualified Ayurvedic therapist, with a private practice based at her home in London. Daily she is a witness to the profound effects that the sublime art of ancient Ayurvedic massage techniques can have for healing the body, mind and Prana and is passionate about spreading the word that Ayurveda, a sister science to Yoga, provides relevant, accessible and modern tools to not only enhance yoga practice, but to help find a deeper sense of self awareness, balance and clarity that can heal and empower.
Scott Murden
Scott is a meditation based life coach and past life regression practitioner with over 8 years experience. His Life Navigation techniques have evolved out of third eye based meditation and tantra practices into a simple framework around awareness, authentic desire, and self approval that allows clients to develop and transform their lives in a way that is natural, connected, and exciting.
Tony Wrighton
Speaker Tony Wrighton. Tony is a Sky Sports presenter and wellness author published in 12 languages. He has recorded his podcast Zestology live at Yoga Connects on previous years and is back for more!
Tony Riddle
Tony Riddle devised his Worrier to Warrior philosophy as a way to recharge, reboot and re-educate on the importance of re-aligning ourselves with Nature for emotional, spiritual and physical health. As a Natural Lifestyle Coach (or Life Stylist), Tony’s work and his retreats are based around the premise that if we can recognise where nature is missing from our lives we can reconnect with it and fall back in love with it, and in doing so can shake the angst-inducing monkey off our collective back.