Va Va Vegan

Va Va Vegan run a pure vegan stall which offers really good value, nutritious and filling food from a colourful and vibrant trailer. They are family run and Paul & Tasha, having worked in catering for many years decided to try and bring exciting healthy vegan food to festivals.

After getting an amazingly positive response in their first year, they have quit their jobs and given their full commitment to Va Va Vegan, looking forward to more fun, delicious food and hard work in the future. Happy and friendly staff will serve food which has been freshly prepared from ingredients many of which will have been grown by them with the rest sourced from local, sustainable and organic suppliers. They will provide festival goers with wholesome meals throughout the day from Boston Baked Beans and American Pancakes for breakfast to Salads, Pittas and Tagines for the rest of the day to keep you energised and ready to enjoy the festival experience!

They pride themselves on being able to do this without having to profiteer or over price their products. LOCAL – SUSTAINABLE – ORGANIC