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Ambra Vallo
Ambra is a former Principal ballerina with the Birmingham Royal Ballet and turned to yoga on a path to recovery from injuries. Since she retired from professional ballet she has been working with performers and athletes helping to rethink their traditional training regimes and introduce yoga to drive better performance and increase their enjoyment of sport. Slowly over the years she fell in love with the more subtle, spiritual parts of the practice.
David Sye
The talk I will give is “YOGA BEATS CONFLICT and a yoga RE-EVOLUTION”( a QnA following the history of Yogabeats from the Bosnian war of the 90s to its 18 years of conflict resolution in the Middle East ...and now how it’s now spreading to other cultures ! ) The Ritual .... “YOGABEATS ON A SHAMANISTIC TRIP” Tuning up into the highest space of love Blessings the INVISIBLE ones and the blessing of PACHAMAMA ! My Title ...”SYE THE BAD BOY OF YOGA”, the constant breaking of rules to find the truth !
Stewart Gilchrist
Stewart is known throughout London for his popular,innovative, authentic dynamic classes. He infuses his high energy and challenging teachings with yogic knowledge, as well as his unique charisma, politics and humour. His classes include an emphasis on breath, vinyasa and philosophy with strong physical adjustments.
Tony Riddle
Following his own ‘lightbulb moment’, which alerted him to his previously inauthentic way of living, Tony Riddle set out in search of systems which enable us to grow physically, socially and spiritually, and to adapt healthily in this fast paced and often compromising world.
Allie Rimanic
Acro Yoga Teacher
Allie has an extensive background in movement and dance. She began her yoga journey whilst training as a professional ballet dancer in Australia. Since leaving the performing arts industry, she has dived deeply into the world of wellness. With a degree in health science, love of movement and the search for something deeper, she has become a passionate yoga and Acro Yoga teacher. To Allie, Acro Yoga is like a dance with gravity. She loves teaching this practice as it cultivates trust, communication and community, and empowers us with so many skills that can be used both on and off the mat!
Annah Herbert
n 2014, stemming from a passionate belief that yoga should be accessible for all, Annah founded YOGIZ : classes providing the opportunity for others to discover balance, strength, flexibility, empowerment, breath and flow - all the elements of a sustainable yoga practice. Her teaching style is both dynamic and restorative, providing the space, time and guidance for you to move mindfully, breathe with awareness and reconnect with yourself – physically, pyschologically and emotionally. Each class brings a fusion of traditional Hatha yoga postures, contemporary Vinyasa flow, practical breathing techniques and restorative relaxation.
Boonath was born into a life of yoga. He grew up between Europe and India and was introduced as a child to yoga through his grandparents who were on both sides yoga practitioners. His grandparents took him on his first Himalayan pilgrimage when he was just seven years old and he has been exposed to the world of yogis eversince. Most of his family still live in India and he has been travelling there regularly for over thirty years in his pursuit of yoga.
Clair Beckett
My name is Clair Beckett, I am Dance Artist and Yoga teacher based in Plymouth. I am a yogi with a bit of a twist, I have Tourette Syndrome! Yoga has supported me on my epic journey of living with TS and I would love to share with you my experience of teaching yoga with a disability, and the barriers I face.
Davide Monti
Davide Monti approached yoga as a child with his father, teacher and passionate about Indian culture. In his youth he also experiments with several martial arts and the combination with yoga leads him to deepen the hand balancing side of the practice, with several of the best international teachers including: Yuval Ayalon, Yuri Marmerstein, the London School of handbalancing with Sainaa (ex Cirque du Soleil), Alexander Dobryonin (former star of the Allegria show Cirque du soléil) and Felix Price, UAMSA yoga from London.
Diahann Love Holder
Diahann is co-founder of Urban Avatars and a Feminine Empowerment facilitator. Her offerings draw upon her trainings and initiations across diverse traditions including Egyptian Feminine Mysteries, Indian Yoga, Theta Healing, Western Psychology and central and South American Shamanism. She holds transformational ceremonies in London and is a passionate Ritual Cacao Hostess.
Dionne Reid
An international healing health practitioner; wise before her time, shamanic in nature before even knowing what shamanism was, with a maternal earth essence in her nature that encourages those around her to feel completely supported, safe and at ease.It’s in the spaces Dionne creates, that the impossible become possible.
Feel every single sensation through tribal beats and melodic mantras, flow with dynamic movement and fluid asana. With a fierce intention to surrender to the divine within you, may you find freedom in this original fringe workshop.
Felix Price
Born into this life in London in 1985, Felix says he found himself and God in Glastonbury with mushrooms in 2005. He began his spiritual life there and then. For the last ten years Felix has been on a Himalamazon journey of discovery.
Geny Caloisi
Geny Caloisi is an Ayurveda Consultant and Therapist as well as a Yoga Teacher. Her mission is to help people to achieve their highest potential and live a long, healthy and happy life through the tools and learning from Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurveda is a 5,000 years-old science. Ayurveda teachings help the healthy person to maintain health, and the diseased person to regain health. Geny did her yoga teaching training in India in 2012 and has been teaching in South East London ever since. She carried out her Ayurveda training with Dr Apté in London in 2015.
Grace Hazel
Grace Hazel is passionate about vibrant, self evolution. She creates healing experiences through workshops, retreats and 1-1 sessions that have Energy Healing and Feminine Embodiment at the core. Grace has a deep interest in guiding women who experience disconnect from their innate gifts of pleasure, healing and intimacy.....
Heidi Pascual
My yoga journey began in 2009 and since that time, my soul journey has been beautifully transformed. I have a successful full-time career, sharing Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, workshops, festivals, worldwide retreats and yoga community. My twenties were dedicated to exploring our exquisite world in the wild of Africa, the colour of South America and Costa Rica, the exotic tropics of Asia, the culture of India, Sri Lanka and the Himalaya of Nepal. Experiencing the beauty of our world from sunrise to sunset, I fell head over heels, enamoured with life. I married my Peruvian husband in the Andes of Peru and returned home after a decade of discovery. I found life distant and disconnected on my return to the U.K, as if the world had lost its colour. It was then that I discovered yoga.
Jake Paul White
Jake Paul White is a yoga instructor and graphic designer who is dedicated to helping people share their passion with the world. On the mat, Jake shares a strong and dynamic practice that creates freedom in the body and mind. Jake’s methodology to mindful movement brings a strong physical focus. He's passionate about simplifying each posture in order to refine and transform the practice. His goal is to offer a challenge that creates deeper a connection to each pose every time you step on the mat.
Jo Youle
JoGa Beats is a fusion of Jo Youle's three biggest passions in life: Dance, Music and Yoga. After 10 years working as a Music journalist in London, Jo began to feel her own practice mould into a more breath and beat linked movement meditation. Upon completing her second teacher training in North Goa three years ago with Julie Martin - an Ex-choreographer and dancer from New York - Jo's classes moved into a non-linear and much less structured frame of yoga reference, working into range of motion and freedom of movement within the body where she now lives on the white isle of ibiza.
Juliette Noske
Juliette is a wild spirit and Divine instrument of love. Her work is the art of alchemy, change work, and the tools she uses are yoga, massage and coaching. She lives in Spain, though her nomadic lifestyle has her teaching internationally. She initially trained with Sivananda, then completed her 500 TTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa. You immediately feel at home with this beautiful soul. Her classes and her character can be soft and inviting, and yet at the same time dynamic and challenging.
A Deep Ecologist and environmental activist turned Yogi, Kim set-up a successful yoga collective in a deprived neighbourhood of Berlin in 2013 where he met Boonath. In 2014 they co-created Working with the Shadow, a series of retreats and workshops founded on the sacred and mystical tantric lineage of Boonath's teachings. Since then they have been running residential retreats in Tuscany (Italy) and workshops across Europe. Kim assists Boonath both with the organisation of the events and with the teaching during the sessions.
Karl Williams
Karl is a yoga (Forrest & Yin) and movement teacher based in Sussex, UK. He has been working with bodies for over 15 years, first as a dancer and now as a yoga/movement teacher. Karl teaches in an informative and non-dogmatic way and aims to get people to connect more deeply to their bodies so that they can move better and breathe deeper.
Kate Lister
Kate found yoga the tender age of 14, and her practice has become increasingly important throughout her life. She has a background in Ashtanga, training in Vinyasa Flow, Mandala and Yin Yoga, and an aversion to taking life too seriously. Sharing both playful, dynamic, breath-led flows, as well as recuperative yin sessions, she encourages students to find their own personal practice in each class, so that they may create their own yoga and experience the many ways in which it expands all areas of our human life.
Kate Elizabeth Taylor
Kate was dragged to her first yoga class 8 years ago during a period of poor mental health & instantly felt the powerful effects of yoga. Through regular practice, she was able to bring about a sense of connection, balance & ultimately happiness to her life....
Kula Roots
Saara + Akeim fuse asana, sound and movement - incorporating yoga, beatbox and dance into their sessions. The intention for this work is to connect us to ourselves and each other, heal through movement, and explore our creative expression. Through combined yoga practice and intuitive movement, we take participants on a holistic healing journey that aims to restore, ignite and transform.
Marc Laws II
A passion for connection and an expanse of mind-body-soul wisdom acquired through his own journey as a ex-professional soccer player and sports therapist continually inspires Marc to explore the human body. When he came across the ancient teachings of yoga his soul and mind lit up.
Meg Thompson
Meg found yoga at the tender age of 15, and her practice has become increasingly important throughout her life. Passionate, loving & enthusiastic about life, she has a background in Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative Yoga. She truly believes that connection & community is the way to happiness.
Melanie Ashley
Melanie Ashley has followed the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series for over 15 years and teaching for 10 years, yet is constantly amazed at the depth, strength and rejuvenation effects it can bring practitioners.
Nathalie Kealy
Nathalie is a certified 500hr advanced yoga instructor, mental wellbeing practitioner and founder of Value Your Mind, a company which uses therapeutic yoga tools to support people in reducing stress and finding ease within the mind. After 10 years of working as a mental health practitioner, Nathalie came to yoga as a natural and holistic way to reduce stress and boost confidence for herself and her clients.
Ralf Marzen
Ralf Marzen, founder and director of Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage, is one of the most renowned and respected teachers of Thai Yoga Massage in the West. Ralf has been involved in Eastern healing arts and spiritual traditions since the early 90s. He studied Thai Yoga Massage with the late Asokananda who was a true master and pioneer in his field. He became one of Asokananda’s main co-teachers.
Ravi Dixit
Ravi ‘the smiling Yogi’ grew up in India where a yoga practice was part of his daily life. To advance his yoga studies, he lived at Ashrams in Rishikesh for several years and worked as the resident teacher at Little Cove Yoga in Goa. Ravi is passionate about making the original principles of traditional Indian Hatha Yoga understandable for everyone and combines movement, breath and sacred mantras in an accessible and playful way.
Sally Griffyn
I am Sally Griffyn and one of the founders of Yoga Connects Festival. My love of yoga started 22 years ago when I became a serious student of Ashtanga and followed the Mysore path and studied directly in India.
Samantha Ross
Samantha is a fearless adventurer and catalyst for compassionate change. She is well known for her calming vibe and positive energy. Samantha blends her wide range of personal practice experience with advanced yin & meditation training to bring balanced yin/yang classes infused with loving kindness to her students.
Ulric Whyte
Ulric found yoga in 1991 and has been teaching since 2000. He has a deep background in Satyananda and Ashtanga Yoga. His passion now lies with somatic practices such as Feldenkrais and ground-work & mobility/strength training inspired by dance, martial arts and the pure joy of play 🙂
Urban Avatars
Felix and Dee lead highly transformational classes that take students beyond the physical to the subtler aspects of mind body and soul. Through a fusion of yang-yin asana, sound journeying and ritual cleansing this inspiring couple take great joy in supporting the purification, invigoration and restoration of the being.