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Akasha Jenita Wacha
Akasha is a Shamanic Healer/Spiritual Teacher and Activist based in the UK and South America. She is the leader of a large Shamanic community called 'Familia Eskawata Kaya Wai' and also leads the hugely popular Tribal movement in London ‘One Love Tribal Gathering’.
Ambra Vallo
Ambra is a former Principal ballerina with the Birmingham Royal Ballet and turned to yoga on a path to recovery from injuries. Since she retired from professional ballet she has been working with performers and athletes helping to rethink their traditional training regimes and introduce yoga to drive better performance and increase their enjoyment of sport. Slowly over the years she fell in love with the more subtle, spiritual parts of the practice.
Stewart Gilchrist
Stewart is known throughout London for his popular,innovative, authentic dynamic classes. He infuses his high energy and challenging teachings with yogic knowledge, as well as his unique charisma, politics and humour. His classes include an emphasis on breath, vinyasa and philosophy with strong physical adjustments.
Tony Riddle
Tony Riddle is a Natural Lifestyle Coach, helping others to reconnect to our natural wisdom and the natural world around us. Working with the physical, (social), spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives, Tony draws on the lessons handed down from our ancestors and the planet we have inhabited for thousands of years.
Acro Yoga Dance
AcroYogaDance (Pip Elysium & Eugene Vegan Butcher) works globally to contribute within the yoga, dance and acrobatic communities by creating, performing and teaching unique flows and sequences. This offers a fun but challenging way of learning from beginners to the more advanced practitioner.
Adell Bridges
With a background in competitive gymnastics, Adell came to yoga intrigued by the arm balances, inversions, and contortions she often saw from experienced yogis. These still play a meaningful role in the inspiration for her yoga practice and teaching, but through years of self-discovery and learning from teachers around the world, her practice has softened and she ardently advocates that yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, body type, background, or lifestyle.
Amber Pamba
Amber is a Brighton based hoop dancer and certified instructor. Since her hoop journey began in 2012 she has trained with many of the worlds best hoopers, both in the UK and abroad. Amber has a natural ability for breaking down and explaining hoop tricks to all levels of ability.
Amisha Ghandiali
Amisha is a yoga teacher, modern day priestess, intuitive healer and creative activist. She brings all this awareness of the mystical and her fascination with the relationship of our inner and outer worlds, to everything that she creates.
Andrea Pinguino
"Andrea Pinguino is a sound healer and Capoeria practitioner. He specialises in sound bath and movement, working with original Tibetan singing bowls and gong. He trained with a founding Master of this therapy during a journey to Nepal.
Andy Nathan
Andy is a 300 hour certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher who began practising yoga over 7 years ago. His classes have a strong, playful dynamic with an ethos to create a safe space for you to let go of the busyness and stresses of your life - without judgement. These practices enable you to open up, express yourself, enjoy happiness, be yourself and achieve what you want.
Based in Barcelona Spain for over two years Lucy, (London Contemporary Dance school graduate & Yoga teacher and Pepe Arias Cellist & electronic composer from Chile), have been developing their project YO-MU to offer unique Yoga Flow and Live music sessions.
Brett Moran
Brett Moran has practiced mindfulness and meditation and studied the path of personal transformation for over 15 years. With a passion for helping others wake up so you can reconnect to your inner magic.
Delamay Devi
A yogini, dancer, mentor, designer and lover of all things that sparkle. Born and raised in Byron Bay, Delamay divides her time between Australia, Europe and Asia, following the sun and offering trainings and retreats in many beautiful parts of the world including Bali and Thailand. With a background in performing arts it was a natural progression into teaching yoga and delving deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the natural flow of the body and the formlessness of meditation.
Dionne Reid
Dionne has worked internationally on a number of retreats, workshops, festivals, conventions & classes as a teacher, therapist and chef. Her yoga teaching includes yin, ashtanga, hatha, hot, chair, inclusive and her own unique vinyasa flow.
Emilie Joy Rowell
Emilie has been a hoop dancer since 2009 when she saw Grace Jones on stage, realised life was missing something circular and found her passion in hula hooping. As an artist and performer she’s been in front of crowds up to 10,000 people at venues including the O2, Speigeltent, Secret Garden Party and Wilderness Festivals
Emily-Clare Hill
Emily-Clare Hill is hugely passionate and ever excited about the practice of yoga. An experienced international instructor, based in London. Emily believes in all qualities and lessons of a yoga practice and tries to incorporate yoga into every aspect of her life.
Felix Price
Born into this life in London in 1985, Felix says he found himself and God in Glastonbury with mushrooms in 2005. He began his spiritual life there and then. For the last ten years Felix has been on a Himalamazon journey of discovery.
Feel every single sensation through tribal beats and melodic mantras, flow with dynamic movement and fluid asana. With a fierce intention to surrender to the divine within you, may you find freedom in this original fringe workshop.
Geny Caloisi
Geny Caloisi is an Ayurveda Diet and Life Style Consultant, Ayurveda Therapist and an Ashtanga yoga teacher. Having done her Yoga teaching Training in Indian, she developed a passion for its sister science, Ayurveda.
Heidi Pascal
Heidi teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, workshops and retreats in the U.K, Europe and India. As a writer and teacher of Literature, Heidi is innately inspired by language and art; therefore creative narrative, mythic story and poetry infuse her choreography. Her love of nature and beauty, movement and music, culture and tradition are expressed through practice of yoga and these elements inspire her sequencing.
Jemima House
Jemima House has 20 years’ experience in many different forms of yoga.Her fascination with the fundamental psychology of being human has informed her study of the 8 fold path and other traditional teachings that underpin wellness of mind, body and spirit, including Buddhism, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Jemima is also trained in NLP and Hypnotherapy and well-versed in neuroscience and naturopathic nutrition.
Jim Tarran
Jim has been practicing yoga since 1990 and teaching since 1992. He qualified as a yoga teacher in the Patanjali Yoga Centre Nepal in 1992 and from the Iyengar teacher training course in 1996. He has studied Buddhism and other Indian soteriologies in depth including; tantra, advaita vedanta, Vedic philosophy and hatha texts.
Kristina Evans
Kristina is the yoga teachers’ meditation teacher. She holds a refined space of sanctuary to which many come for meditation, ritual and expansion. She is a medicine woman and guide working with teens through to corporates in regular sessions, Cacao rituals and workshops.
Kula Roots
Saara + Akeim fuse asana, sound and movement - incorporating yoga, beatbox and dance into their sessions. The intention for this work is to connect us to ourselves and each other, heal through movement, and explore our creative expression. Through combined yoga practice and intuitive movement, we take participants on a holistic healing journey that aims to restore, ignite and transform.
Kate Lister
Kate found yoga the tender age of 14, and her practice has become increasingly important throughout her life. She has a background in Ashtanga, training in Vinyasa Flow, Mandala and Yin Yoga, and an aversion to taking life too seriously. Sharing both playful, dynamic, breath-led flows, as well as recuperative yin sessions, she encourages students to find their own personal practice in each class, so that they may create their own yoga and experience the many ways in which it expands all areas of our human life.
Lisa Kaley Isley
Lisa learned early that she is a spiritual being, who loves to move in her body, and is fascinated by the human mind and relationships. Putting that all together in balanced wholeness has been the journey of her personal and professional life. Her path has taken her from working as a clinical psychologist, yoga therapist, and yoga researcher in US healthcare settings, to teaching yoga teachers how to adapt practices to support mental health, and training yoga therapists in the UK.
Marc Laws II
A passion for connection and an expanse of mind-body-soul wisdom acquired through his own journey as a ex-professional soccer player and sports therapist continually inspires Marc to explore the human body. When he came across the ancient teachings of yoga his soul and mind lit up.
Melanie Ashley
Melanie Ashley has followed the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series for over 15 years and teaching for 10 years, yet is constantly amazed at the depth, strength and rejuvenation effects it can bring practitioners.
Michael Caleb George
A YIN and strength-based Vinyasa teacher based in London he works with the energetic body and the subtle body through practice of the physical asana.
Nyhal Adams
Nyhal is an experienced dancer with many years experience as a performer and a teacher. Dancing has always been a big was of expression for Nyhal. A deep passion that has always been appreciated from many students when it comes to teaching, and the audience when it comes to performing.
Philly Lewis
Philly Lewis believes the best education comes from travel, embracing new experiences, people and places. A committed yoga teacher, freelance photographer and surfer, she is inspired by the ocean and immersing in the natural beauty that surrounds us.
Rosalind Southward
Rosalind is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher and Guardian-in Training, also renowned for her dedication to long distance running, and creative spark! Teaching in Peterborough and Cambridge, Rosalind also regularly works as an assistant to Ana Forrest during her workshops and teacher trainings.
Sally Griffyn
I am Sally Griffyn and one of the founders of Yoga Connects Festival. My love of yoga started 22 years ago when I became a serious student of Ashtanga and followed the Mysore path and studied directly in India.
Swing Fitness
Swing Fitness uses the swing as a tool to be used in your fitness routine. It’s widely used with yoga, sometimes known as Anti Gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga. It helps the user during yogic sessions by supporting you in poses. This allows you to deepen the stretch and hold for longer, building muscles. It also helps with confidence, particularly for wobbly things like handstands and headstands!
Ulric Whyte
Ulric found yoga in 1991 and has been teaching since 2000. He has a deep background in Satyananda and Ashtanga Yoga. His passion now lies with somatic practices such as Feldenkrais and ground-work & mobility/strength training inspired by dance, martial arts and the pure joy of play 🙂
Urban Avatars
Felix and Dee lead highly transformational classes that take students beyond the physical to the subtler aspects of mind body and soul. Through a fusion of yang-yin asana, sound journeying and ritual cleansing this inspiring couple take great joy in supporting the purification, invigoration and restoration of the being.
Yuna Backx
Dance and yoga are a perfect combination to flow, move and connect. Through dance I met yoga and for me yoga is a great way to move and discover the physical possibilities but also to be in the moment and to experience relaxation and silence. I love to make yoga accessible for everyone. In my classes we listen to our body's and take our time for the so called 'bodytalks'.